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We're Back At It!

After a long delay, the blog is coming back to life! Enjoy this video as the first of many house updates to come.

Trashion Show

With Tyler gone for the holidays I needed a way to spice up the week's worth of endless cleaning up junk around the house. Not gonna lie,...

We bought a house!!!

So after almost a month of radio silence it's time to announce the big news. After a challenging and arduous two-month real estate...

Camping in the Ozarks

It's been awhile since living in a place where it gets cold enough for the leaves to change color. This was probably the last weekend...


In our first night, Bentonville proved that it could over charge for a night of drinking just as well as any SF neighborhood. During our...

Our First (Cooked) Meal in Arkansas

With no salt at hand, our first meal consisted of a veggie salad and some leftover french fries whose over-saltedness conveniently paired...

All Signs Point to Arkansas

28 hours of driving. Six state lines. One truck with over 200,000 miles. 20 hours of Michelle Obama's Becoming. And three days to make it...

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